After seeing a not so flattering photo and finding my clothes left tattoo like marks from being too tight, I was inspired to lose weight. Never being a fan of the gym or exercise in general a friend recommended trying No Lippy Boot Camp. At first I thought no way I can’t even run for a bus, never mind do an hour of boot camp! In June 2010 I attended my first session and since then I’ve never looked back. With the support of my fellow boot campers and the fantastic trainers I have lost 2 stone 5 lbs and a total of 22 inches in just 8 months! (Drop from a size 16 to a 12). With locations across the North East I can always find a day / time that suits me and my commitments. If you are thinking about giving it a try …. do it, it’s the best thing I ever did!

Louisa Chandler

I went along to No Lippy Boot Camp after hearing about it from a friend. I bought 16 sessions and I was hooked! I started going to Blyth and Tynemouth and couldn’t get enough of it. The trainers are brilliant, so motivational and we get such an intense but varied workout. The girls are brilliant; we work hard, encourage each other and have some laughs along the way. I have made some friends for life I hope. I measured myself at the start and I have lost 34 inches and 18 lbs!! I can’t recommend No Lippy Boot Camp enough – it is the best thing I have ever done!

Joanne Howard McNally

I have to say after my first trail session at no lippy boot camp my husband said I looked like a beetroot and wouldn't go back! So… after 4 months he's eating his words; I've lost 29.5 inches and 1stone 2lb! It is hard to describe but let's say it's addictive, fun, painful, a laugh and good for you. I never thought I'd be a ‘babe of the month’ but I was. Sharon our trainer makes each session different, hard and we have a laugh as well. I've tried every diet, gym and exercise plan and No lippy is the one I've enjoyed and stuck to, I would recommend No Lippy Boot Camp to anyone no matter what age or size as it really doesn't matter!

Paula Hartford

I have been participating in No Lippy Boot Camp for 3 months and I’m completely addicted to the sessions and the way it makes me feel. I bought sessions to kick start my life after going through a difficult divorce. I have changed my body from a size 14 to a size 10, lost 19 inches and 16lb in 3 month. The most important change has been my confidence and wellbeing and the friendships I have formed. The girls and trainers at boot camp have helped me realise who I am and saved me from depression. Thank you to them all.

Sarah from Washington

Although I started No Lippy at the end of March 2010, I made the mistake of not measuring myself. However, from May to June 2010, doing two sessions a week I have lost fifteen and a half inches. When I first started I couldn't do one lap at Monkton but some sessions I am managing eight full laps as well as all of the other mad things the trainer has us doing in one session.  I really love coming despite feeling every session is a killer - it's a love hate relationship. 

My trainer and the rest of the girls really encourage everyone and it is a great laugh as well as seeing the benefits of having my fitness levels improve.  More importantly I was having physiotherapy before I started boot camp for significant nerve damage in my arm which I couldn't lift past 90 degrees, and having to take massive doses of very strong painkillers and anti-inflammatories.  I haven't been back to physio since I started No Lippy as I have practically regained full movement in my arm.  A massive thank you.

Louise Brookes

I contacted No Lippy Boot Camp after gaining 3 stone whilst pregnant. A friend of mine had attended the Roker Boot Camp and lost over 2 stone and dropped 2 dress sizes. I attend 3 different venues and love the variety of trainers, sessions and flexibility it gives me. I work long hours, have 3 children and a house to run so I need the flexibility it offers. I have been blown away by the results; 22lb down and counting.  I have tried every diet and new fitness craze going but never achieved results, this truly delivers results. I must thank the trainers and the girls who attend as I have so much fun at boot camp….its like going out with the girls!!!

Joanne from Gateshead.

Before I started boot camp I was worried, apprehensive not sure what to expect.  I thought I was too old for this but Donna encouraged me otherwise and I must admit I am really pleased she did as I do really enjoy the sessions (its my time) that may sound silly as they are hard work but the girls and Donna keep you motivated and no matter what level of fitness you are at you will get a workout suitable for you. Boot camp after only 7 sessions has made a big difference to me in inches my clothes now fit and I am going to sign up for the next 12 sessions.

Boot camp is a credit to Donna, she is always helpful and nothing is the bother to her, if you want to discuss anything with her you can no matter how busy she is. Many thanks again for being you!

Carole Young

I would encourage anyone who would like to try No Lippy Boot Camp but thinks they are not fit enough, too old or overweight to give it a try. At 50 it took me several months before I got the courage to join and I have loved it from the first session. Donna uses her years of experience as an accomplished athlete and personal trainer to provide an exciting and unique range of activities which are fun and work the entire body.

In 2 month my overall fitness and energy levels have increased and I have lost several inches and pounds and feel years younger. Donna encourages you to work at your own pace, providing a range of alternatives and advice. More than anything No Lippy Boot Camp is fun!!

Caroline Robertson

I had always wanted to do a fitness Boot Camp. After watching my friend do one and seeing her drop a dress sizes I went for it. I was excited but nervous before I started. I work shifts and have 2 children so it was great that I could mix the morning and evening sessions. Donna advised me to get measured before and after the course but after only 2 weeks I decided to get measured. I had lost 1inch from my bust, 2 inches from my waist, 2 from my hips and a half an inch off each thigh. I had only lost 4lb but I didn’t care as I had cheated a lot with the diet. 6 weeks on and I have just finished my second course and lost 10lb altogether and 13 inches. I am definitely going to do another course after Christmas.


I can’t believe I have just finished my first course of No Lippy Boot Camp. Everyone that knows me can’t believe it either!!! I smoke, I drink and love my food!!! Last time I exercised was at school (some 25 years ago!!!). I was very nervous before I started but within 15minutes I was at ease. I can’t believe that I can now run and plan to run the great north run next year.

I was hoping to lose 7lb and get into my size 12 skinny jeans doing boot camp. I have actually lost 11lb in 4 weeks and just bought a size 10 skinny jeans. I cant believe how much I have changed both physically and mentally. Everyone keeps asking me ‘what you been doing?’ I just say Boot Camp and watch them laugh. I am still smoking, but not as many, I still drink, but not as much and I still love my food, but I understand food now!!


I signed up for No Lippy Boot Camp in June after exercising in Gyms and fitness classes for years. I thought I was fit…I was wrong. I thought I knew what to expect as I have participated in other Boot Camps…I was wrong!! Every session is different; I don’t know where she gets her ideas from. I was doing an obstacle course one day, fun races with tyres another and hill walking/running in another. Everyday I went to work the other girls were asking ‘well what were you doing today?’ As the weight fell off (8lb in 4 weeks), I could actually see muscle in my arms, legs and stomach!! I now look back and wonder why I wasted so much money doing other exercise classes. I am hoping to enrol again in December and January to kick-start my training again.


I enrolled in No Lippy Boot Camp in 2009 to get fit. I didn’t really want to lose weight but I could do with toning my arms, legs, bum and stomach. I was so sore after the first session that I could hardly move. After taking Donna’s advice I was soon back for my second session and glad I did. I have never looked back. I have never done weights or resistance training before and now I know why….It hurts!!! The results are amazing…I’ve completely toned my arms, legs and bum. As for my stomach…I have just been on holiday and wore a bikini for the first time since having my children 14 years ago!! Would recommend anyone that wants results and non start motivation to join.

Susan R

Before I started Boot Camp I was doing the Atkins Diet and training at my local gym. I was losing 1 or 2lb per week but didn’t feel like I was getting fitter or stronger. I have tried every silly diet since putting on over a stone of FAT 5 years ago when I gave birth to my son.

A friend recommended Boot Camp. My first thought was NO WAY. After a further 3 weeks I decided to speak to Donna over the phone and enrolled straight away. I have lost more than a stone in 8 weeks, 12 inches and I am eating really well. My husband is very happy too!!!


I was persuaded by a friend to join boot camp, I was very nervous before I started because I knew how unfit and overweight I was. Boot camp was and still is difficult and I would be lying if I said it didn’t kill!!!

I have just signed up for my third month and I love it. I have seen the benefits in my fitness as well as losing 5 inches.

Donna is fantastic, she is always 110% motivated and enthusiastic, she helps everyone reach their personal goal. The other participants are fab too, we all give Donna a load of ear ache with our moans and groans but everyone seems to have a smile on their face….usually at the end of the session!!

Laura Lyall

"I signed up to do No Lippy  Boot Camp after having my second baby within 17 months, so as you can imagine was very unfit and overweight so my self confidence was at an all time low.  Before my first session I was feeling very nervous, apprehensive and self conscious, but I had nothing to worry about as Donna and my fellow boot campers made me feel at home immediately.  The first session was probably the hardest thing I've ever done (after childbirth!), and was unable to run even a quarter of the way around Monkton Stadium.  Donna assesses everyone's capabilities, without fuss, on the first session and is able to give alternatives to each exercise depending on your level of fitness - but not once have I been made to feel inferior.  I am now into my fourth month and feel much fitter and stronger - both physically and mentally.  Donna is always at hand to help with fitness and nutritional advice and will boost you whenever you're having a down day.  I'm also making lots of new friends on the way, which can't be a bad thing, can it?"

Carolyn King

I started boot camp two months ago desperately wanting to lose a bit of weight and to get my fitness levels up which at the time where zero.

I have dropped a full dress size stopped the thirty a day smoking habit that I have had for the past ten or more years. I feel great my energy and my fitness levels are far higher and getting better every week. I started the first month saying that I would do this one and that would be the end, however I’m now ready to start my third boot camp and loving it, can’t believe it.

The encouragement you get from Donna is great she really pushes you on and the other girls are great. No one makes you feel inferior  and you work to your own level, but you only get out of it what you but in to it. I would highly recommend No Lippy boot camp to anyone who is looking to improve their fitness level, self confidence and in the process drop inches.


Two of the girls from work were joining no lippy boot camp and had asked me to join with them I filled out the paper work to join but then I was too scared. After their first month I could see the difference in them. So I bit the bullet and joined. I was very nervous as I knew just how unfit I was but Donna was excellent with me. She did a fitness test with us on the first session so she could figure out what level of fitness we were at. When I started Donna’s Boot camp I couldn’t have even ran to my car from my front door without breaking a sweat. I now on to my second month at Boot camp and i love it, I have lost altogether 6 inches and 12lb and that’s without dieting. I would recommend Boot camp to everyone it has definitely made a positive difference to my life I have even quit smoking and bought myself a peddle bike.


“After going to the gym for months I was not really seeing results and thought I needed something a bit different to give my body a jump start. I was apprehensive before starting boot camp (as you always are with something new) but needn’t have worried. Donna, and the girls who attend the sessions, are very friendly and supportive. The session’s push you more than you think is possible and you end up achieving more than you thought you were capable of. After 8 sessions I have lost 6.5 inches and feel fitter than ever before. I still have a way to go so will certainly be signing up for further sessions to ensure my hard work does not go to waste!”  


‘Boot camp has been a great experience.  I needed to boost my fitness levels during the summer, and boot camp has certainly done the trick. After a few weeks I could see results in my general fitness and muscle tone.

I’ve always enjoyed Donna’s classes, and her approach as an instructor, and wasn’t disappointed with the early morning sessions, definitely a good kick start to the day.  Donna really motivates everyone as a group, and individually, and is really supportive and encouraging for ‘new starters’ and anyone wanting to improve both physical and mental fitness!’

Michelle H

I've been going to No Lippy Boot Camp now for 2 and a 1/2 months and I love it!  It's like having my own personal trainer but cheaper; and I would never work as hard as I do at boot camp if I were to train on my own.

I initially joined for 2 weeks to try and shape up for my holiday but loved it so much that I've carried on doing it!  After that first 2 weeks I felt fitter than I'd felt in a very long time and I lost 4 inches!!

No two sessions are the same and I never know what's coming next (which means I can't be tempted to stay in bed when I don't like something!). 

Donna caters for all fitness abilities and there's a friendly atmosphere (not at all intimidating).  I'm constantly motivated to work to the best of my ability to ensure that I get the most out of the course and get the results I want. 

I would highly recommend this to anyone!  I feel fantastic after each session and feel as though I've worked really hard and achieved something. 

Yvonne Q

I joined boot camp in June 2009 after doing no exercise for 3 years.  I will not tell lies, it is extremely hard, but the feeling I got when finished was worth all the effort and pain !!

I have lost 7lb (not a great deal with the work I put in) but I have not dieted at all, so if I put my mind to it I could have lost a lot more.

Tracey H

Boot camp really works.  There may have been some 'pain' but the 'gain' was well worth it.  Donna is a fantastic instructor as she is able to assess participant's fitness levels and knows just how far to push to get the best results.  I can't say I always looked forward to the session but afterwards I always felt great and knocking minutes off my time for the obstacle course was a great achievement.

Would definitely recommend it.  I've just completed the Great North Run and would never have even been able to attempt it if I hadn't upped my fitness level at boot camp.

Michele M


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